Get a Roof Inspection to Ensure You’re Protected in Time for Winter

With summer coming to a close and temperatures starting to cool, it’s time to start making sure your home is prepared for the winter months. With snow accumulation, your roof could become vulnerable to the added weight. If your roof has any leaks or deficiencies in its structure, this added weight from snow can accelerate the damage and possibly result in an expensive repair bill. These leaks and deficiencies can also be adversely affected by the alternating thawing and freezing that occurs throughout the winter. The experts at Tichenor Inc. can perform a roof inspection on your home to help identify any issues and make the necessary repairs to ensure your roof is safe for the winter months. In today’s post, we will discuss the importance of getting your roof inspected to address any minor problems before they become serious repair projects.

Avoid Water Damage That Can Ruin Your Home

We’ve all been inside houses or businesses at some point with unsightly water stains on the ceiling from roof leaks. While the aesthetics of the leak are certainly bad, those stains are just the tip of the iceberg. That stain is a sign of spreading water, which means it is soaking into the underlay and seeping into the structure of your home. This can cause your shingles to warp and buckle, while also softening the wood, leaving your home vulnerable to serious damage. With a roof inspection from Tichenor Inc., you can find leaks like these before they start causing problems. We can identify the leaks and complete the necessary repair work to get the roof back in good working condition.

Water Can Also Pose a Health Risk to You and Your Family

Beyond the structural problems that a leaking roof can cause, it can also pose health risks to you and your family. As water seeps into the structure of your home, it becomes a hot bed for the growth of bacteria and black mold. If the mold growth becomes significant enough, you will have to add mold remediation to your repair bills, which can become extremely expensive. The extra moisture can also result in invasive pests like carpenter ants and termites, who will steadily weaken the wood in your home. The sooner you can identify and rectify these issues, the less work required to correct the issues. Make sure your home is ready for the coming winter weather and schedule your complimentary roof inspection from Tichenor Inc. as soon as possible.

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