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Your chimney is a crucial component of your home, allowing smoke and hot gases to leave your home, reducing the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. If your chimney is in disrepair, you need professionals services to ensure your chimney can properly function the way you and your family need it to. Tichenor Inc. can provide you with a full range of repair and building services to ensure that your chimney is in top condition. Whether you need some minor masonry repairs or a complete overhaul of your chimney, Tichenor Inc.’s experienced professionals will complete the work with a high standard of quality you can depend on. Give your home and family the protection they deserve and contact us to get a Complimentary Inspection on your chimney service needs today.

When was the last time your chimney was properly cleaned? If you don’t know the answer to that question, then it’s time to schedule chimney sweeping and cleaning service from Tichenor Inc. A dirty chimney becomes filled with creosote, which can ignite, causing a fire that could potentially destroy the entire home. Our experienced team will not only sweep out and remove this dangerous substance from your chimney. They can also remove any blockages like bird nests or other debris that can cause carbon monoxide and smoke to build up inside your home. Keep your chimney in top condition and call to schedule the chimney cleaning service you need to keep your home safe.

Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds

Water Sealing

Concrete Crown Replacement

Concrete/Steel Cap Replacement


Firebox Stone Repairs


We build strong relationships with our customers based on trust and reliability which is why we are here for you in emergencies to help with all your exterior needs.

At Tichenor Inc. our professionals have the experience and professionalism to handle all of your chimney and exterior needs. Regular chimney sweeping and repairs can improve your structure and make it last longer. Call now to get a Complimentary Inspection on the Chimney Service you need.

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