Get Effective Roof Repair to Protect Your Home

Your home is the most significant investment you will make during your lifetime. You obviously want to make sure that investment is protected for as long as you own it, which means you need to make sure that your roof is in tip-top shape, especially during the winter months. One minor issue can become exacerbated by winter weather, potentially causing many issues that could lead to serious roofing system failure. Tichenor Inc. has been providing effective roofing repair services to homeowners throughout Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, and the surrounding areas. We can complete the repairs you need for your roof to keep your home protected during even the harshest winter weather. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the problems that can be caused by a faulty roof and ways in which you can fortify your roof with roofing services from Tichenor Inc.

Protect the Structure of Your Home

Most homes are framed with lumber, which can become vulnerable to inclement weather. If you have any sort of leak in your roof, this lumber can slowly become saturated by the extra water coming into your home. Over time, this moisture can weaken the structure of the wood, causing it to rot. Once saturated, the wood can also attract carpenter ants, termites, or other invasive pests. Once the wood has become weakened enough, all it takes is one solid snow fall, and all the weight of that snow on your roof can cause the weakened wood to fail. Tichenor can provide you with a complimentary inspection to identify these minor leaks and fix them before they can cause significant damage.

Protect Your Family’s Health

Not only can the excess water weaken the structure of the home, but it can also foster the growth of mold and bacteria. As dangers as this mold and bacteria can be through direct contact, it can become even more dangerous if the spores become airborne and get into your HVAC system and subsequently into the air you breathe. By making sure that your roof is watertight, you can rest assured that no extra moisture will enter your home, decreasing the chances of mold growing in your home.

Fortify Your Home with Metal Shingles

People have used asphalt shingles for many, many years. It is an affordable option that provides adequate protection to your home. However, with a more significant investment, you can add metal roofing that provides superior protection, especially against extreme weather like high winds and large hail. We have many options available, including stone coated metal shingles and synthetic shingles. Contact us and let us know about the roofing service you need for your home in Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, or the surrounding areas.

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