Why Hire a Commercial Roofing Company?

Commercial roofing projects require expertise, precision, and dedication. The roofs over our heads protect us from the elements every day, and must be able to withstand both hot, rainy summer days and freezing-cold winter nights. For that reason, it’s always best to choose a commercial roofing company that knows how to install a roof for all seasons.

In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing why you should work with commercial roofers like us at Tichenor in order to guarantee the best work possible.

The Benefits of Working with a Commercial Roofing Company

The complexity and scale of commercial roofing projects necessitate the involvement of professionals. A commercial roofing company brings a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring that your project is executed with the utmost precision. From large-scale installations to intricate repairs, the expertise of commercial roofers guarantees a job well done. Moreover, these professionals understand the unique challenges posed by commercial structures, such as flat roofs or intricate designs, and tailor their approach accordingly. By engaging a commercial roofing company like Tichenor, you’re not just investing in a roof; you’re securing a durable and expertly crafted solution that stands the test of time.

Tichenor’s Shingle Solutions

Tichenor Inc. goes beyond the ordinary by offering a diverse range of shingle solutions, each with its own set of benefits.

Asphalt Shingles

The traditional asphalt shingles are the perfect blend of affordable and effective, and reliable. At the same time, their rough, dark appearance gives them a recognizable and attractive aesthetic.

F-Wave Synthetic Shingles

These are the last shingles your business will ever need. Designed to last through all seasons for decades to come, F-Wave Synthetic Shingles can handle even some of the strongest weather conditions, such as snow, hail, and ice storms.

Metal Shingles

A more current option, metal shingles are the perfect combination of modern style and modern standards of protection. As a bonus, it’ll impress any visitors to your company with its beauty!

Stone Coated Metal Shingles

The Kevlar of shingles, Stone-Coated Metal Shingles give your business the low-profile aesthetics of asphalt shingles while providing high-quality resistance to the elements for years to come. Improve your curb appeal while keeping your home safe, dry, and warm throughout the entire year.

When you choose Tichenor Inc. as your commercial roofing company, you’re not just choosing the professionals; you’re choosing a comprehensive solution that combines the expertise of commercial roofers with a diverse range of shingle options. Contact Tichenor today to match your commercial property with roofing excellence.